DSC_4171 DSC_4179 DSC_4224 DSC_4225 DSC_4229 DSC_4252Disclaimer: my Halloween pictures are super lame this year.  Grace and her little friend were joined at the hip, and perpetually in motion, making getting a shot of G in her costume impossible.  They were just too excited.  Miss G is in the Red Riding Hood, and her little friend Marissa is wearing Grace’s Dorothy costume from last year.  And truly, this is such a great neighborhood to trick-or-treat in.  Neighbors pull families hayride still through the hood, and set up fire pits in the driveway.  Kids are showered with obscene amounts of booty, and they go all out to decorate.  One neighbor had the entire place dripping with bats, and another set up an entire scene from Pirates of the Carribean, complete with music, flying bats, and pirate brew (aka root beer that smoked).

Best part? Adults can often refill a little bit of wine from the bottle by the fire pit.  It’s treating for everyone!

By next year, I will have invested in a flash.  The fund has begun!

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