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Some early favorite images from our afternoon out playing with the Peevey family.  We had such a blast with this crew, especially Miss Claire, who totally hung on to the promise of rainbow lollipops much longer than any girl really should have to.  More to come!

Best Laid Plans

Next week is Spring Break.  I often get on the other side of breaks like these and feel disappointed.  I either spend the entire break running myself ragged, or I accomplish nothing.  This time, I am determined to set myself up for success.  I want to return to work after this week feeling like I got what I wanted out of this time.  And I have a plan.

Be realistic.  Setting up a long to do list that I could never accomplish has set me up for failure too many times.  I end feeling like I should have done more, when what I wanted to do was impossible in the first place.  Setting expectations for others is another quagmire.  I can’t control whether or not the contractor comes to patch the walls, so setting a goal of painting said walls is not likely to make me feel good when he doesn’t make it.  This year, I’m letting myself get one big thing that I can control done.  That’s it.

Balance. Instead of planning some family activity and/or major chore every day, I’ve planned a couple of things and left the rest open.  I have a family outing planned, some social time with a friend, and some time just for me.  There are no extra points for martyrs, and I need some time to exercise every day, have some time on my own, and make memories with my family.

Forgive.  I’m keeping Grace’s constant singing of “Let it Go” in my head and doing just that.  I may not accomplish everything I could have squeezed into this week, but that’s not really the point. I’ll feel better about doing what I set out to do that I will about not finishing what was ridiculous.  It will all get done eventually.  And if my Easter dinner isn’t amazing, my family will still love me, and they will eat it all anyway.

I promise to take a ton of photos this week, and I may not post Monday – Friday, but I’ll catch up eventually, hopefully with miles of yarn knitted up and some interesting photos of DC in the spring.

[day three]

Gracie spent a good part of last night coughing, so I called it another sick day.  Fortunately, Grace appeared to be in pretty good shape, and the 65 degree day called us forth.  So in addition to cuddling, books, and a movie, we snuck downtown for some lunch outside.  And we managed to snap some cool pictures, too.

A shot of a one of my necklaces.  It caught my eye while I was drying my hair this morning.  This necklace is one of my favorites.

Grace, Nicole and I have embarked on a 100 book challenge.  Our goal is to read 100 books, and we are charting them as we go.  Today we hit 31!  This is a shot of one of the titles of Grace’s books – Reading Makes Your Feel Good.

When you luck out with a sunny 65 degree day in February, you shoot the beautiful church across the street.  My polarized filter really makes the blue sky pop.

I may not make it to Paris any time soon, but I can stop in at Paul and pretend that I’m there.

Grace is more than a little excited.

This one is by Seth.  Chocolate bliss!

[day two]

Googs woke up with a fever this morning, so it’s a girl’s day home today.  It started with tattoos at 6:30 this morning, and has progressed to include two movies, one pb&j, one cup of soup, and millions and millions of tissues.  The good news is that even when she isn’t feeling well, this kid has a sense of humor.  Tattoo’s pretty b.a., right?  Bet you wish you had a donut tattoo.

[day one]


Today was a “work at home” day for teachers.  As a way to say thank you for the work we do, the county allowed us a workday at home.  I spent half the day planning a course, and the other half of the day I spent enjoying my city.  I walked downtown to meet my boyfriend for lunch near his office, and stopped by the camera shop nearby to check out the sale going on.  I picked up a few filters, and decided to test them out.

Since today was a loungey sort of day, it made sense to shoot from bed.  I have a beautiful bay window in my room, and the last light of the afternoon makes the room feel warm and inviting.  I started shooting that, but the pile of books haphazardly stacked on my bedside table caught my eye.  It’s a perfect portrait of my life right now.  It’s a little messy, but it’s full of good stuff.