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So I am finally getting around to editing images from the summer, including these straight up gorgeous shots of Miss Marla for her graduation. I completely loved taking pictures of her, and would love to keep her in my pocket and just take pictures of her whenever I can. The sunlight was perfect this day, and the light breeze blew her beautiful hair in the perfect way. What a treat!

Brothers and Sisters

DSC_4789 DSC_4791 DSC_4795

There is just something so fun about brothers and sisters.  Hubs and his sis are a complete hoot when they are together. She lives all the way in sunny Florida, so we don’t get to see her as often as we would wish, but I love watching them together.  When we saw them at New Year’s, I snuck in some shots in while we grabbed some yogurt with the kids.  Hence the funky lighting.

I love shooting in a series like this.  Sometimes it takes several shots together to tell a story, I think.  I love that it took them awhile to catch on that I was taking their photograph.  I feel like I can picture what it might have been like being near then when they were young (and not at each other’s throats, as kids often are), and I think it’s pretty cool.

this kid

DSC_4364 DSC_4288 DSC_4359 DSC_4298This summer, I traveled out to Pittsburgh to shoot graduation portraits of my nephew, and a few weeks ago I got a call from him.  He had great news! His braces were off!  He looked great!  And please-pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top could I come take more pictures????

I am a very good aunt.

I made a whirlwind trip. 11 hours of driving for about 8 hour of visiting and 8 hours of sleeping.

A very good aunt.

But, the results were great.  I love these shots.  He’s such a handsome dude, and the fall leaves are simply gorgeous.  Perfect for graduation photos.  I couldn’t be more pleased.




DSC_3456 DSC_3499 DSC_3524 DSC_3581

My lovely nephew will be graduating this coming spring, and he asked me to take some photos for his graduation portraits.  Some of these shots made me wish I had used a fill flash or a reflector – I wish his face was lit just a little better, but I love the shot of him looking to his left, with his back against this cool stone wall we found near his house.  He is laughing at his sister who is off camera, making fun of him.  This is so him, and I love all the parts of this kid.

[day fifty-six]

Diary of a snow day…

ImageWe started the morning off with some oatmeal made on the stovetop and some hot chocolate for the Googs.


 And then it was craft time. Googs worked on building restaurant supplies for her American Girl dolls.  Then it was an hour of playing restaurant.



Sadly, even with all the fun, there wasn’t much snow fun.  Instead of inches of snow, we had mostly slush and then just rain.



[day fifty-four]


I’m working on cleaning out old RAW files and editing things that I just haven’t had the time time to touch, and I came across pictures from a bowling birthday party from back in December.  I loved this shot, because only when you are bowling and seven years old is such an outfit this awesome.  Dressing as an adult is rarely this much fun.