Po’ Gal’s Softbox

So, in my dreams, I will someday be the owner of the beautiful specimen you see below.  You can snag this puppy from Amazon for a mere $326 and some change, and toss in a diffuser and soft box to make it a cool $346.16. See the link here.


Until then, mama found a little trick to tide me over.  To experiment, I first took a goofy shot of Grace with just my popup flash.

DSC_0081Terrible.  Overexposed her face and the vignetting around the lens is rough.

So, a little magic, and viola.



What’s the secret you ask?  I’ll tell.  Take a piece of white printer paper, fold it in half, hamburger-style, and hold it directly in front of your flash as you shoot.  I’m not kidding. That’s it.  Something about it diffuses the flash just enough to evenly light your subject.

It just makes you look like a complete lunatic at the same time.

DSC_0085I used this little technique to shoot a painting that I got as a gift for my birthday (more on this next week), and it worked like a charm here, too.




DSC_0080Both straight out of the camera.  A-mazing.

I still have the speedlight on my wishlist because let’s face it, no one is going to take me seriously when I’m walking around holding up a piece of paper in front of my flash.  In the meantime this is a handy trick!

Anyone else have any hand tips for flash photography on the cheap?