Yarn Along


Joining Ginny today for her Yarn Along.  Gracie and I have been reading Anne of Green Gables together.  I never read it as a kid, and now I know why.  There is just so much dialogue that I would not have had the patience for it when I was young.  She really seems to be enjoying listening to it, though. She sits in bed at bedtime, knitting a cowl she has decided to make for herself while I read about a chapter a night. It’s even become a motivator for getting through our nightly routine in an expeditious manner. Take too long getting ready for bed? No time for Anne.

I cast on my Et Frais mitts this week, but have since ripped them out because it seemed impossibly small. I attempted yet again to just start a project without swatching.  One of these days I’ll learned my lesson.  Now there is a gauge swatch drying on the guest bed, ready for me to count some stitches tonight and make sure that I’m not completely off the mark. So far, I’m enjoying with the Nice and Knit fingering yarn.  The color is gorgeous, and it feels soft as you knit it up.

While I was attempting get a somewhat decent shot of the knitting with not enough light I grabbed a shot of our backyard.  No kidding, this is straight out of the camera. It’s been raining FOREVER, and everything is so green I can hardly stand it. Here’s hoping it’s helping the grass seed we put down this weekend.

DSC_5958 DSC_5956

12 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I loved Anne series as a teen but my daughter did not like it one bit. I agree that there’s quite a bit of dialogue. Our area is greening up with all the rain!

    1. What other titles did you enjoy? She seems into this, so I’m thinking I should stick with it. I was thinking of either the Little Princess or The Secret Garden next.

  2. We moved from a forested, salt water sound, mountainous area to the desert with few trees (most of which were planted here), arid climate, no ocean nearby, and a far away view of distant mountains. Your pictures are lovely and they make me homesick.

      1. Isn’t that funny? People out here are claustrophobic when they go to the part of the state where we used to live, and we feel exposed here. It’s what you’re used to, I think.

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