Woop! I have a garden.

DSC_5923 DSC_5909 DSC_5874 DSC_5869 DSC_5861

Before moving out here to the sticks, I was city dweller for almost a decade.  Mama only had a 10′ x 10′ patch of land to keep alive, and I failed miserably.  Everything was always half dead, but you hardly noticed because there was so little there.  Now we have this huge lot (for a DC suburb) and I feel like others notice when things aren’t alive.  I’ve resolved to make it look a little more pleasant this year, and we are off to a good start.  There is actually grass seed coming up, and tulips that I put in the ground all the way last fall have found their way up.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling.  Gracie and I even planted a teeny-tiny Rosemary bush along our front walk this weekend.  We thought it would fill out nicely and allow our company to be greeted with great smells as they approach our door.

My favorite tree this season is quickly becoming the Redbud.  It’s completely beautiful, perfect for climbing, and gives great shade after the leaves come in.  I will say, this neighborhood is not for the allergy-afflicted.  I think we would be miserable right now if we weren’t immune to flowering trees.

Any other tips out there for some sunny beginner plantings that I can not kill and feel good about?

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