Spray Paint it the Best Thing Ever

After my family, of course.  Thanks to spray paint, I turned this corner of our room…


… into this.


Much better, for a total cost of $7.99.  To bang out this little update, I started by laying out a bunch of things we already had out on the floor.


The painting on the top left is something I picked up from a sidewalk artist in Key West.  Hubs and I ran a relay race there a few months after we started dating, and had the most amazing trip.  The sign is a replica of one that hangs at our favorite restaurant in Key West, and I put our race bib in the frame on the top right.  I had a postcard from our honeymoon in Puerto Rico, and snagged an unused frame from another place in the house, along with the big black one in the middle. I didn’t have a photo for this one, and I really wasn’t digging the heavy black frames. But, I figured I’d get them on the wall and see.

I traced the frames onto brown shipping paper, measuring to make sure they were level across the top, and all the margins were just about an inch.  I then measured where the nail holes need to be for each frame, and then taped the whole thing up to the wall, making sure the center frame was in the middle of the wall, and the top edge was level.

DSC_5815 DSC_5818

I hammered the nails in the right spot, and then peeled the paper away and hung the photos and art.


Still hated the black, and couldn’t find anything to fill the big frame, so I hopped on Walgreen’s website and with the coupon BIGSMALL, I snagged an 8×10 print from our wedding for a cool $2.  I swung by Michael’s and got some Krylon Semi Gloss spray paint in white, and then sprayed both black frames.  This was my first time using spray paint, and there were some blunders.  First, that little nozzle is not stopper.  If you pull it out, paint will drip everywhere.  Leave it in, and turn it in the direction you are painting.  Yeesh.  It took two coats to completely cover the black, but they dried quickly, and turned out pretty neat.

Although the finish isn’t perfect, I’m happy with the results, and especially happy with the price tag.


Any spray paint/picture hanging tips out there for next time?  I’m definitely trying this again!

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