Yarn Along: The Way it Goes

DSC_5424DSC_5482DSC_5472I have been working on the Magrathea shawl, and it’s slowly growing, but it’s not the best project to keep in my purse.  I rely on the pattern pretty heavily, and I easily loose my place if I stop in the middle of a row. I was in need of something for waiting rooms, so I cast on with some of my new yarn to whip up yet another Hitchhiker.  I’m using the Koigu Painter’s Palette sock yarn I snagged at Looped Yarnworks.  Honestly, it’s nice because it’s pretty mindless, but doing two garter stitch heavy project at once might have been a little nutty. Especially when both of them use fingering weight yarn.  It’s enough to make a girl believe she’ll never finish anything again.

I’m already eyeing up a third project. I know that nothing good can come from this, and yet, there it is.  A wound ball of Manos del Uraguay Silk Blend in a gloriously robust worsted weight is calling my name.  Unless it hits 80 degrees in the next few days, I have a feeling this sucker is getting on the needles, too.

And you know what? Inspired by my read this week, I’m not even going to chastise myself for it for one minute.


10 thoughts on “Yarn Along: The Way it Goes

  1. nothing wrong with casting on another project, I do that all the time. For some reason all the projects make me more productive! Love the two projects you have on the needles 🙂

  2. Very nice spring colors for you Hitchhiker. Magrathea is looking lovely, but I can see that it needs full attention at times. Go ahead and cast on till your heart’s content!

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