The demo that never ends



The [endless] demo of the kitchen continues.  Hubs started working on the old vinyl tile this weekend, using a reciprocating saw fitted with a chisel tool to get under each tile and get it up.  Unfortunately, we are left with a very sticky underlayment until we can get the new floor down, which won’t be awhile.  Our first contractor seems to have gotten caught up in other projects, so we are meeting with someone new today in the hopes of getting the electrical and wall repair taken care of.  Here’s a snag of what we are ordering to update the floor.  It’s a vinyl tile product called Ceramica by Traffic Master.  We opted for this because it looks a lot better than the regular peel-and-stick, and it’s an inexpensive update for the Phase 1 renovation.  If we end up getting to stay here longer, we can update with a more expensive flooring when we get new cabinets, etc.

In hopes of making us feel like we are making progress, we stopped at the Benjamin Moore shop to grab some paint samples.  We wanted to be able to look at them over time and see what we thought.

DSC_5445 DSC_5442I’m looking for something with enough contrast to make the white trim (and eventually white cabinets) pop, but light enough that it keeps the space airy. I’m leaning towards the second from the top.  Hubs thinks they all look the same.


2 thoughts on “The demo that never ends

  1. Maybe it’s the translation to computer screen but I see a lot of browny-pinky-grey in your tile and you have chosen a lot of blue greys and even a green-grey (second chip—stay away if there is actually pink in your tile). If you don’t already know this, it’s good to paint a large paper or board and hold it around the room at different times in the day to be sure you still like it. It has saved me a few times…lol!

    1. I’ll have to look at it closely. The light in the store is fluorescent, so it’s sometimes hard to tell. I like the idea of painting a sheet of paper! Thanks!

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