Social Butterfly

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This weekend was filled with all sorts of girlie fun, including a spring dance at Grace’s school, a sleepover with her best neighborhood friend, and a family date night to the local yogurt shop.  I didn’t get any great shots at the dance, as I was on the dance floor MORTIFYING my kid.  She just doesn’t appreciate my smooth moves.  Apparently the students I teach agree, as they would also have nothing to do with me.  I snagged some shots of the girls creating acrylic paintings on scrap wood from the kitchen reno on Saturday.  They have grand plans to sell their creations to save money for the American Heart Association.  These girls mean business.  When I asked if I could keep one, they informed me it was at least $20, and I shouldn’t low ball them because it’s for a good cause.  Snuck a few shots at the shop, but my favorite was the last one.  This is the face I got when I asked if I could finish her yogurt for her.

Clearly, she was not willing to share.

Hope everyone got out and enjoyed some sunshine this weekend!

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