DSC_0333 DSC_5330 DSC_5334 DSC_5335 DSC_5344 DSC_5343 DSC_5338Hoping to enjoy a spring afternoon in the city, I planned to have brunch a field trip to Looped Yarnworks in Dupont Circle, DC this weekend.  It turned out to be sort of a wintery afternoon, but it was still a great way to spend a day.  We stopped in first at the Afterwords Cafe, attached to Kramerbooks.  This is by far my favorite book shop in the city.  They have an awesome selection of new interesting titles, knowledgable staff who can guide you to a book you might have missed, a great cafe, and even a bar.  Who doesn’t love being able to order a glass of wine in a book shop?

After enjoyed some corned beef hash and some book browsing, we headed north up Connecticut to Looped.  Located above a restaurant, it was a little tricky to spot at first, but it was worth the search.  Looped has things roughly organized by weight, with some featured manufacturers clustered together for easy shopping.  The selection was amazing, and the whole space was light and airy, which on a day like today, felt great.  The staff was super helpful, and I was able to stock up on yarns that I needed to get started on some Christmas projects that I have queued up.  One nice perk is when you spend $250 (over the total of your visits) you get 15% off your next purchase.  Best part? You can apply your discount to your entire purchase, not just one item.  I’ll share photos of what I stocked up on later.  The weather was so bad today that there was no decent light to photograph them in today!

Anybody else have some favorite shops in the DC area?


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