Off the needles

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I recently finished a scarf for Hubs that was intended as a Valentine’s gift, and ended up being a “Here’s a Scarf Because it’s still Winter in Late March,” gift.  I found this pattern in the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts issue and had been eyeing it up ever since.  This was the first time I knit something up from a magazine, and I liked it.  I was nervous about the minimal directions in the pattern, since most stand-alone patterns seem to have more tips.  It turned out to be a pretty easy project.

I knit it up with Neighborhood Fiber Company’s Studio Worsted in the Thomas Circle colorway.  I love this yarn for it’s soft but sturdy construct, beautiful variation of color, and the names of local DC and Baltimore neighborhoods. You can find more information on the gorgeous yarns here.

The pattern is the Caldicott Scarf, available from Ravelry here.  All you need to know is a knit and a purl.  The basic stitches create a beautiful texture.  There is a coordinating set of mittens and a hat available too, here and here.

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