Winter Schminter

DSC_5023 DSC_5025 DSC_5027-2 DSC_5038 DSC_5078 DSC_5124 DSC_5181 DSC_5197Living along the Potomac in Northern Virginia mean that we get to enjoy some pretty healthy weather mood swings.  We spent our Monday afternoon hiking along the beach on Mason Neck State Park wearing just a light fleece, and two days later, the temperature was -2.

The park is an awesome treat just steps from our door.  They host a large Bald Eagle habitat, and miles of bay front trails that allow kids to dig and explore for all sorts of critters.  Googs brought out her new iPod (that she saved for two whole years to get) to take pictures on our hike.

Parking is $4 a car, or for $44 you can get a year pass and come as many times as you wish. For a real bargain, you can pay $66 and get a pass that gets you into any of the Virginia State parks for the whole year.  We are thinking about going for this one this year, since Mama has the idea that 8 is a good age to start camping…

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