WIP it Wednesday

DSC_5161 DSC_5165 DSC_5170It’s getting a little cray around here.  Thank goodness for a snow day to help dig myself out! I’m still working on finishing up Peter and the Starcatchers, hoping to finish it up this week.  The WIP’s, in the meantime, are completely out of control.  I managed to finish the right Sword of Gryffindor Mitt and cast on for the second.  It’s not a project that travels very well, however, so I started a gauge swatch for the Walker Scarf for hubs since I have a bunch of doctors appointments in the coming weeks and I wanted to be prepared. Then a friend saw the Puerperium Cardigan I made for a shower gift (the final photos later this week!) and asked me if I could whip one up for her if she bought the yarn.

I’m going to die a happy death drowning in wool.

The Walker Scarf is going to be my first attempt at cabling, and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little spooked. I’m loving the twisted rib stitch so far for the gauge swatch, and the yarn is lovely.  Hubs picked it out – Neighborhood Fibre Company Studio Worsted in Thomas Circle.  The yarn is hand-dyed by a lovely artist out of Baltimore, and she names all of her color ways after neighborhoods in DC and Baltimore.  More on the yarn here, and more on the pattern here.

Hope everyone is happily knitting and staying warm!

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