Caught Reading




DSC_4860I snuck into Grace’s room the other night as she was curdled up with the joke book she had checked out of the library to sneak a couple of shots.  I couldn’t use the flash trick since I was trying to see what I could get away with without disturbing her.  She was just in the perfect little girl setting – wrapped up in her pink sheets, reading by the light of her bedside lamp.  Her copy of Little House on the Prairie on hold next to her.  The best part are the flowers.  Hubs always brings some for her whenever he brings any for me, and he sets them up next to her bed so she can wake up to them.

I got caught in the end, but it was fun sneaking into her little reading cocoon for a few minutes.  The best part?  I got to climb under the covers with her afterwards for her to tell me all the jokes she read.


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