Brothers and Sisters

DSC_4789 DSC_4791 DSC_4795

There is just something so fun about brothers and sisters.  Hubs and his sis are a complete hoot when they are together. She lives all the way in sunny Florida, so we don’t get to see her as often as we would wish, but I love watching them together.  When we saw them at New Year’s, I snuck in some shots in while we grabbed some yogurt with the kids.  Hence the funky lighting.

I love shooting in a series like this.  Sometimes it takes several shots together to tell a story, I think.  I love that it took them awhile to catch on that I was taking their photograph.  I feel like I can picture what it might have been like being near then when they were young (and not at each other’s throats, as kids often are), and I think it’s pretty cool.

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