We finally got around to  hanging some of the frames that I had from my hold place, and after that got up, I realized that they were filled with our old life.

DSC_4799This frame was completely overflowing with photos of Grace and I and our friends and adventures, and it was time to fill it with our family.  We started with pulling out photos that we had printed to hang across the windows for the wedding, and for any of the openings that we didn’t have a convenient photo for, we quickly ordered a print from from Walgreens.  For $.80, we got this:

DSC_4796After some trimming with a paper cutter, we ended up with a frame that reflects our new family.  We decided the keep the super-cute one of Gracie in her little Fourth of July suit from a few years back because who can get rid of that shot, really?

DSC_4829 DSC_4828 DSC_4827 DSC_4814

Not bad for a little refresher project on a day that we were without power (and heat) all day! It’s amazing how something so small, and with such a small investment ($.80) can make you feel so much more at home.

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