Beer Me

A few weeks ago, my good friend Carm and her sister planned a lovely beer tour of the City of Brotherly Love for her brother-in-law. I don’t remember all the places we went, but I remember that we rode around on a school bus, and that they thought of everything.  They even made labels for everyone in case we got lost and needed to be returned, and made snacks we couldn’t lose.

DSC_4484 DSC_4487My favorite stop of the day was Neshaminy Creek Brewing.  Their pumpkin ale was a-mazing, but there was pretty much nothing I didn’t like.  Carm filled up a growler for us to enjoy later.

DSC_4495I was especially in love with some of the beer that they ferment in bourbon and whiskey barrels. I don’t know enough about beer to actually describe what it does to the finished product other than to say me likey, and they are fun to photograph.

DSC_4492 DSC_4489One of our stops included a pretty graphic view of the excrement that comes out of the barrels as this goodness ferments.

DSC_4534 DSC_4529Hubs decided it might be a great idea to go ahead and accept the challenge to go ahead and give this stuff a taste.  Check out the series of shots to follow.

DSC_4504 DSC_4509 DSC_4519 DSC_4511Apparently it wasn’t half bad.

My favorite shot of the day is still this one.  I love the way that no matter what else is happening, Carm always looks fabulous.  Also, it’s typical that all the dudes that have no idea that a camera is pointing their direction.  Dudes.




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