WIP it Wednesday


If you are stopping by from Simple Things, thanks!  I hope you’ll follow me and stop by again. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about a nifty trick to create the look of a soft box on my regular popup flash.  I call it “Poor Girl’s Softbox.”

I just finished up Violet Mackerel and her Personal Space. I love the Violet Mackerel series.  It’s about a little girl who loves doing creative things.  She has a mom who makes wooly things to sell at craft fairs, a brother, a big sister who makes jewelry.  The series is perfect for third and fourth grade girls, and I have a couple of kiddos at school who are tearing this series up.  I just ordered a few copies from Amazon for a classroom library at school.  The first four are available in paperback and are pretty reasonably priced.  Check them out here.

The pattern is the Leafy Baby Blanket, available for free on Ravelry.  You can snag the pattern here.

6 thoughts on “WIP it Wednesday

  1. Beautiful blanket! Thanks for the series recommendation. My daughter is a bit older than that, but I think we will enjoy it! 🙂

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