holiday mash up

This holiday season, I made a commitment to keep things as simple as possible.  This meant that if something didn’t absolutely didn’t need to be done, it just didn’t get done.  Many things were set aside, including this.

Good news? I have an entire holiday mashup of some of my favorite holiday images from the season in one glorious post.

Here goes.  Get ready.  It’s long.

First, there was turkey.


DSC_4538This was the first time I made a turkey without the help of my dad, but my mother-in-law was there to lend a hand make sure it wasn’t a disaster.  I made everything form scratch, and I have to say, it wasn’t half bad.

There were celebrations, and lights to visit.

IMG_2740 DSC_4640 DSC_4612And Hubs even dragged us outside at dawn one morning to see the winter sun rise over the trees.

DSC_4582There was Santa at the neighborhood Christmas party.

IMG_2715And even more Santa…



There were miniature trees.


DSC_4654And the presents.

IMG_2733 IMG_2731 DSC_4647

We will celebrate with my side of the family later this month this year, but we did get to join Hubs’ family to ring in the new year, and I used the time delay function on the camera for the very first time.

_DSC9013We even got everyone to look at the same time (except the dog).

Hope everyone had a magical holiday season!

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