update. wedding.

A few weeks ago I wrote about our little courthouse ceremony.  You can see some photos here. On August 1, 2013, our family gathered for a week together in Hilton Head.  We swam, built sandcastles, ate delicious food, played cards, and oh, got hitched.  We hired an awesome photographer named Meredith from Island Love Photography to take some family portraits, but I wanted to share some of the images from the week that I loved.

DSC_2507 DSC_2488 DSC_2479 DSC_2463 DSC_2448We were sure to take in a meal at the famous Salty Dog Cafe, where we gathered for some Shirley Temples and margaritas on the deck while we waited for a table.  The little guy is my nephew Finn, who is about as cute a little boy as you can imagine. He loves to snuggle, and he especially loved Jacob.  The gorgeous couple flanking Hubs is his mom and stepdad, two people who we both love more than words can say, and from whom Seth has learned so much about true love.

DSC_2511 DSC_2785 DSC_2777Many hours were spent poolside by all the kiddos, and Hubs of course supplied them with combustible material.  What party isn’t made more fun by fireworks, really?

DSC_2722 DSC_2614 DSC_2530 DSC_2513On the night of our “rehearsal,” we presented our kids with gifts to celebrate their new family, and to express to them what an important part of this love they are.  We are so happy to have these amazing kids. They truly give our lives purpose, and remind us what’s most important in life.

DSC_2804 DSC_2798 DSC_2788 DSC_2830 DSC_2859After a ceremony on the beach, we came back to the house to a catered dinner and some music and relaxation.  I have never had a catered event before, and let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS!  The food, catered by Celebrations Events, was amazing, and the service was outstanding.  Everything was beautifully presented, delivered on time and as described, and with a smile.  The dishes were even done for us by the end of the night!  The cupcakes were done by Sweet Caroline Cupcakes, and it will be a stop every time we return here.  They even made a little cake for us to cut, custom made with chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, and cream cheese frosting.  It was completely out of sight.

DSC_2894-2Hubs and I spent our wedding night at the Sea Pines Resort, and we just couldn’t stop smiling all night. It was such a beautiful event.  The last shot is the portrait I took just before we walked out the door the next morning to get breakfast – my first shot of my Hubs.  He looks happy, doesn’t he?  I hope he looks at me like that forever.

I loved our little wedding, and wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Best part?  If you take out the cost of the house, we spend about $3500 for the whole thing, and that’s pretty sweet, too!  Anyone else out there do a small family wedding that they loved?

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