apple picking

DSC_3729 DSC_3741 DSC_3750 DSC_3756Happy Halloween!!!  I’ll post some photos in the coming days of our adventures in the new neighborhood, but for today, I’d thought I’d share some more images of fall.

Earlier this month we drove out to Stribling Orchard out in Markham, Virginia.  It’s become a yearly tradition to trek west along Route 66 in search of some Golden Delicious to much and some other varietals .  This year, we snagged some Jonathans to toss into the most ugly pie of all time.  Didn’t even photograph it, it was so ugly.

I love traditions like this, and I love having photographs of them.  Last year, Gracie girl couldn’t use the picking stick (is that what it’s called???) on her own, and look at her now!  This girl was determined, and she picked almost every apple we took home all on her own.

We highly recommend Stribling for fall fun.  They have a beautiful grassy lawn that’s perfect for picnics, plenty of tools and supplies to help you pick to your heart’s content, and warm caramel apples.  Mmmm… caramel….

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