Oh, hello!

I have been away for awhile, and I feel like I’m finally coming up for air.  The summer was filled with lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of getting ready for school to get started again.  Grace, Hubs-to-Be (now hereafter referred to as Hubs), Zoe, Jake, and I merged households in June, and then my nephew and I hit the road for a road trip.  We made it down to Florida to clean up my dad’s place down there, and then made it back in time to unpack and put the finishing touches on wedding planning.  We took the whole family to Hilton Head for a little wedding do dah, and then Hubs and I hit the road for a little honeymoon.

There are a million photos and stories in between, and I promise to catch them all up.  First, I am happy to share that I was lucky enough to marry the best man I know – twice.

The ceremony with our families in Hilton Head couldn’t be the “legal” ceremony, because we asked my brother to officiate, so Hubs and I had to do a little courthouse deal here in Virginia.  We had a great time, and Hubs’ parents came up for the day just to be an audience. We celebrate with some Guiness at the Four Courts pub in Courthouse, Arlington after.  That’s just how classy we roll.

I didn’t take these photos, obviously, but my dear friend and partner Carmela did.

IMG_1599_edited-1 IMG_1619_edited-1 bw_edited-1 IMG_1622bw_edited-1 IMG_1588_edited-1 IMG_1601_edited-1It could not have been much more fun if we tried, and it helped me feel ready for the big day. With both of my parents gone, our wedding was both incredibly happy and sad for me.  Getting a moment with just us helped make the read day feel a little less big and emotional, and more just like a great moment among many that we share in our life together.

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