two views

DSC_1250 DSC_1256My nephew and I drove all the way to Florida last week in order to do the final clean out of my dad’s place down there.  We took the opportunity to stop in Savannah and the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Jordan is considering a future in Graphic Design, and friends in the industry can not say enough about their program.

Sadly, much like my last visit to Savannah, it was raining.  A lot.  I couldn’t juggle an umbrella and a camera and pay attention on the tour, so I was left to nurse my disappointment with a stop at the Back in the Day Bakery as we drove out of town.

In addition to the best chocolate cupcake I have ever had, I got to soak in their beautiful surroundings. The table we used to munch on killer mac and cheese and cupcakes was decorated with simple nested mixing bowls. They looked as if they were staged for some baking, casually waiting.  I loved the color and how well they set the mood for the place.  I started shooting them from the side, but quickly decided I could get a better shot of the range of color from a little higher.  It’s amazing how a little change in perspective can create a completely new experience. I like the result.

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