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This weekend was an entire weekend of Plan B’s.  The Nats game I planned to go to on Friday was rained out.  The flight my step-daughter-to-be was supposed to be on was missed, and the lazy Sunday evening was replaced with a make-up Nats game.  But, with Plan B’s comes opportunities to knock some things off the wish list.

We never spend much time in Georgetown, partly because I can’t really afford anything in the stores, and partly because I hate having to park there.  And salmon shorts. I dislike salmon shorts.

But, with Plan B and beautiful weather, we decided to bite the bullet.  We scooped up our dear friend Val, and had a family day along the lovely canal.  We started with linner (late lunch, early dinner), at one of my favorite joints in the city, Surfside.  You can grad the words most amazing shrimp and fish tacos and burritos here. The place is one part amazing food, one part awesome music, and one part roof deck.  Enough said.

I’ll post more in coming days – we got some amazing shots. In the meantime, if you are interested in checking out Surfside, you can see their website here. I highly recommend the Martinique.  It’s da bomb.

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