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Hollin Meadows hosted an Art and Music night this week, and Gracie and I swung by to take in some of the work of our students.  We started by visiting the cafeteria and listening to band, strings, and chorus students perform, and then moseyed down to the gym to visit the Gallery.

The space was cleverly transformed from a gym to a studio by our art teachers.



DSC_0010Grace loved showing off her work, including two pieces inspired by Georgia O’Keefe, poetry with abstract self-portraits a la Picasso, and another self-portrait created at the beginning of the year.




We finished our night by creating some art.  Kids could create Mother’s Day cards, pieces with cut paper and glue, or pencil sketches of leaves.  Gracie whipped up a Mother’s Day card for me, and then played at some pencil drawing.


DSC_0026It was a fun night of creativity.  It’s getting me inspired for what things we can create this summer.

p.s. No that’s not nail polish.  Googs smashed her finger in a door a few weeks ago, and it’s nasty!  We are looking forward to that nail regrowing, for sure.

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