pinterest challenge // coastin’

My first Pinterest Challenge!  One of my 35 goals for my 35th birthday is to complete 5 project from Pinterest, and here is my first one.  Holla!

The coasters I use now in my house are my roommates, and lord knows bachelors do not own coasters, so I decided to give this project a go from fellow fellow.

I started by ordering some inexpensive cork coasters from Amazon, and they arrived exactly as I had hoped.  Flat, with no edges.

DSC_0380I nabbed a white paint pen from Michael’s and got to work.  Some of them turned out pretty cool…


DSC_0384I was surprised that the paint pen was a little tricky to work with on the cork.  The cork disintegrated a little as you drew on it, so making clean lines was a little hard.  Also, you had to “tap down” to get more paint flowing on scrap paper, and then draw on the cork.  So then I had to keep dipping back into the pools on my scrap to get enough paint to draw anything.

DSC_0381I like the lettered one the best.  My plan is to flip the rejects and put initials of all the folks in our new family on the other side.  I ran out of time to give it a shot for this post, but I will post more when I get the finals finished!c

2 thoughts on “pinterest challenge // coastin’

  1. Those are cute! The only coasters I have are some cheap ones I got from Old Navy (weird, right?) for all of ten cents. Ha! They serve the purpose, but I want something a little cuter. Maybe I’ll have to make some like yours!

    ~em @ small girl, big world

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