– cray –

I have come to accept the idea that I might just be cray.  Not the kind of cray that needs immediate medical attention, I don’t think.

Gracie had a doctor’s appointment today, and this was an event I was looking forward to all day.  It meant that there would be at least 30 solid minutes of knitting time in which I would feel absolutely no guilt for sitting and knitting and not tending to the million other tasks I have on my plate.  Nothing else to do, but knit.

Much to my chagrin, the minute I walked in I was handed an form.  I needed to fill it out with all the information said doctor already had.  Just to make sure.

Two minutes of knitting time, gone.

Okay, not to worry, I thought.  I’ll just whip this out, and then spend at least 10 minutes waiting.  Of course, the moment I put my pen down, Grace’s name was called.  I awkwardly grab the clipboard, purse, pen, and knitting bag with the “Zombies are crap at knitting” design that I just realized perhaps was inappropriate in a children’s waiting room, and shuffle towards the scale for Lady G to be weighed and measured.

And then the examining room.  After the nurse asks the standard questions, surely there was time to knit up a few rows? Nein.  Like a well-oiled machine, the doctor swoops in with an efficiency that I never knew could be so annoying.  Grace is checked out, healthy as a horse, and we are on our way.

Total stitches knit: 0.

So what do I do?  Drop it for the day and do the laundry?  Screw that.  I poured a glass of wine and turned on Game of Thrones.  (Excellent knitting background by the way.  It’s so confusing, even the people who are paying attention don’t know what’s happening.)

I present a new WIP!



It’s my very first hat, and I’m a little excited about it. This one is for Grace’s birthday, which isn’t until September, but I was in the mood for something a little chunkier after finishing an entire shawl made from miles of sock yarn in garter stitch.

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