best of // april

I love spring.  I love everything about it.  I love the perfect temperatures, the lack of humidity, and the light spring rains.  I love the vibrant colors, and the exhuberance with which both kids and flower buds force themselves outside.

I can’t wait for May to keep shooting the beautiful changes in the DC area. As April draws to a close, here are some of my favorite shots from the month.

best interior shot


I loved this shot from Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia.  It almost looks like it could be a miniature set for a dollhouse.  I shot this at a 1.8 aperture, and loved the result.  I think the colors are playful and warm.  Perfect for a place that invites us in for cupcakes.

favorite shot of googs


I loved this shot taken at the Villages in Florida.  I set up just behind her and waited while she scoped out the ducks.  I called her, and her face made it clear that it was no surprise that I had a camera at the ready.  This kid clearly spends a lot of time with me.  I especially loved her little braids.  I can’t do her hair.  I have no idea how to braid, so it’s always a treat when one of my girlfriends, or one of my nieces, or my future step-daughter is around.  She gets good hair, and I get an adorable shot.

most likely to be a set of walking dead episode


This is a shot of the abandoned Bethlehem Steel plant in Bethlehem, PA.  While we were there for happy reasons, I couldn’t resist this one spooky interpretation of the site.  I loved the textures so much, and the black and white really brought them out.

favorite sign of spring

20120626-DSC_0480I loved this shot of a garden near my school. Seeing these beautiful blooms let me know Spring was here for sure, and I couldn’t be happier.

So looking forward to more Spring shots!

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