Diary of a Vacay, Part II

Grace and I joined friends and family for a trek to The Villages, Florida over Spring Break.  After a long leg driving down with a soggy stop in Savannah (which you can read about here), we spent our week alternating days between Disney Parks and recooperating.  We actually spent 16 hours straight in the Magic Kingdom.  With four kids.  One of the them seven.  The kids were AMAZING troopers, and we spent the entire day bouncing through the crowds, with no complaints.  Seriously. No complaints.

Here’s just a favorite or two from the night before we finally crashed.


The fireworks were completely amazing, and if I had had the endurance to have a tripod for 16 hours, the shots of them would have been amazing, too.  But, I think this one wasn’t too bad.

DSC_0124-2It was fun to shoot Main Street on the way out as well.  The shot is softer than I would like.  There just wasn’t a surface to set the camera down on to get a stead shot, but I like it.  Both because the lights are pretty, and because when I see these crowds of people I am even more amazed with my brother and my kids.  I can’t believe how well they hung in through this craziness.

DSC_0070Because seriously, waits like these are CRAY!!!!  Thankfully, we didn’t wait more than 25 minutes for anything.  I credit my nephew’s masterful juggling of Fast Passes,  and a willingness to get up early, eat a late lunch, and forgo all guidelines of good parenting by bribing children with the contents of the unimaginable awesomeness in Disney’s snack displays.

DSC_0177Somehow, I managed to make the whole week without anything in this case.  Seriously, that a feat. There are caramel and chocolate-covered Mickey apples.  And they make them right in front of you so you can smell the warm caramel.

I was even lucky enough to get to sneak away with my friend Carm to be big kids in the World of Harry Potter.  We drank butter beer, shopped it in Honeydukes, and rode the most amazing ride ever.


DSC_0007-2The entire adventure was exhausting, and amazing.  I seriously could not have had more fun if I tried.  Next week I’ll share the final installment of Spring Break 2013 – a day at Siesta Key.  Complete with sun, sand, and fleeces.

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