Yarn Along

So, I’m getting married.  Soon.  After dating the love of my life for two years, we are ready to merge our families into one, and we couldn’t be happier.  We’re doing this thing quick – in a small family ceremony on the beach at the beginning of August.  As you can guess, I’m doing a fair amount of reading about weddings, and I have to say, it’s pretty fun.photo (1)The project I’m working on is the beginning of the Lintilla shawl, which will be a gift for a special someone.  It’s my first time creating ruffles with wraps and turns, and with picking up wrapped stitches.  It’s slow going, but I’ve found this video on wraps and turns helpful, and this one on picked up the wrapped stitches.  I’ve ripped out the body pattern a few times, and I’m still not confident I’ve got it, but I feel like I’m getting close!

14 thoughts on “Yarn Along

    1. I will! I find I have at least two projects going at a time – one that’s easy breezy and one that pushes me a little.

    1. Thank you! I’m getting pretty excited. I think it’s the pick up wraps that are getting me. I’m going to root out some knitterly co-workers to see if they can diagnose my issue.

  1. Popped over from Yarn Along … Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I think the last thing I would be doing before a wedding would be knitting a complicated shawl 😉 Twisting and lifting stitches sounds complicated, but good luck with your perseverance! Wendy

  2. My son was married last year, I will always treasure the memories of searching pinterest with his bride-to- be and creating beautiful things for their special day. I love this beautiful yarn, the color is perfect. Visiting from yarn along.

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