How Does Your Garden Grow???

Or, my attempt to replace my black thumb with a green one.

I belong to a lovely cooking club made up of a group of teachers I worked with a few years ago before changing schools.  My friend Abbey made it all happen.  Not only is she an incredible teacher and mom, she can perform amazing fetes like make plants grow right out of the ground.  For this month’s meeting, she arranged a lesson at our Williams Sonoma on planting herbs and vegetables from seed.

When we got there, they had these little seedlings on display.  I was immediately inspired.


How cute are these???  After walking us through what zone we live in (zone 6), and explaining how to read seed packets, we got to get started.


We got all our materials together, including these little biodegradable containers for the seeds.  The best part about these little goodies? You don’t have to take your seedling out to plant them. You can just place them right in the dirt when you are ready to transplant.


We got to choose our seeds, and we labeled our stakes.


Check out Abbey at work!  She looked like a pro right away.


And after spilling a lot of water, soil, and generally making a mess, I had little seeds all tucked in ready to sprout.  After we were done, I safely got them to Seth’s placed them in a tray so they can be watered from the bottom up without disturbing the seed, and put the whole shebang in a cool, dark space in the kitchen.  I can not WAIT to see some little plants poking out of there, and then to get some fresh basil from the garden this summer!

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