Perfect 10!

First, you may notice a change up in that title section.  When I started this project, my intention was to post EVERY SINGLE DAY. I quickly found that goal was a pretty tall order to fill.  Instead of being a fun project, it became a source of stress.  And let’s be real. Who needs more of that?

WIth the change to a few posts a week, the original scheme of numbering my posts by day makes less sense.  It seems to make more sense to allow the headline preview the content, since this project has become as much about telling the story of our life as it has been about telling the story of my journey as a photographer.

With that, behold the amazing gymnast in the making. We spent part of the weekend at Seth’s, and Googs took advantage of the real estate to do some practice


The run-up begins in the kitchen,


…heads into the living room,


…and sometimes ends up on her bottom.  But, that’s what practice is for, right???

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