[day fifty-eight]

I’m a sucker for a boutique, and I’m a SUPER sucker for Old Town Alexandria, and when the two combine – blammo!  Lots of shutter snapping, and debit card swiping.

We stumbled upon something new (or at least new to us), a candy shop called The Sugar Cube.  What a fun place!  Who wouldn’t want to take home a box of these goodies?



Grace was especially excited to see that in addition to delicious treats, the shop hosts parties.  I could see her little wheels spinning as soon as she saw the party room.

ImageYup.  This is was “This is awesome!” looks like.



Yes.  You saw right. Those are Pop Rocks, baby.


I saw these jars of “candy-coated chocolates,” and thought they would be so fun to put out for a party.  They literally had every color you could possibly imagine.

Best part?


You get to sit on the stoop of the shop next door and enjoy a chocolate caramel!  And then you get to pose on the benches outside the furniture repair store and stop by the neighboring kids clothing shop and try on some ear muffs. Holla!



 If you happen to be in the Old Town area, make sure you stop by the shop and treat yo’self!

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