[day fifty-one]

This weekend, I travelled back up to the Poconos to continue the work of readying my dad’s house for sale.  This is my 6th trip up here in two months, and I couldn’t bring myself to drag Googs along again.  My cousin graciously accepted her for the weekend, and it gave me a good excuse to come visit her new place in Baltimore.

We got there late, and the weather the next morning was pretty gross, so there weren’t many opportunities to snap photos, but leaving wanting more is a good thing.  It means I have to go back soon.

Looking out my bedroom window, I was struck by how much I love the city.  I love the pavement, the rooftops, and the funky murals on the side of an optometrist’s shop. I love the sounds of churchbells and traffic, and the corner store.  While my life has taken me away from the city from awhile, it still makes my heart light.Image

Carrie lives in Canton, near Brewer’s Hill, which means she gets a great view of the Natty Boh dude.  Sadly, I didn’t have a zoom lens with me, but you get the idea.


The other great thing about being at my cousin’s house is that she is a DIY master.  She has an amazing eye for what makes a house a home, and she can make really inexpensive things feel luxurious.  Check out $30 Ikea nightstands that she stained and painted.  When I went to bed, this little corner was so inviting. I felt like I was in a fancy hotel.Image

Here’s a few more shots just so you can see her handiwork.



I’m thinking there will have to be a springtime photo trip for Carm and I to the Charm City placed on the calendar soon. Also, I have an overwhelming desire now  to paint something…

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