[day forty-four]

More adventures from the west coast!  Today we explored Walla Walla it’s lovely tasting rooms.  We roamed Main Street and found a bistro for an early dinner outside.  Amazing day.

Our first stop today we L’Ecole, a winery housed in a converted turn-of-the-century schoolhouse.  This was the ironwork along the entry.

The wine was nice, but I loved the slate bar. I took the opportunity to draw some portraits of my hosts, including their bulldog, Winston.

Next up was Charles Smith.  Rock and Roll meets wine making.  This is Ian attempting to decide where to begin.

Their packaging is awesome.  I particularly loved the Boom Boom Syrah.

And we finished the evening with a visit to a bistro along Main Street.  We go to sit right under this amazing clock.  Downtown Walla Walla feels a lot like Provence in the spring, but more affordable.  Amazingly, this shot is straight from the camera, with no filters, no editing.  The sky is just that blue.

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