[day thirteen]

First, apologies for missing a day.  Saturday was a day full of painting, and by the end of the day, it was all I could do to fall onto a couch and pass out.  I’m forgiving myself for my day off, though.  Like most things, this project can only be fun if it’s realistic.  And let’s face it.  Sometimes, we need a day off, even from something we love.

Today’s photos were inspired by Grace.  She was asking me why I need to wear glasses, and I was having trouble explaining near-sightness in a way that made any sense to her.  So I decided to attempt to show, not tell.  The first shot below is a regular shot of my bookshelf.  The shot on the bottom is the same shelf, with the lens of my glasses obscuring part of the shot.

Grace’s reaction?  “Wow. Good thing you have glasses!”



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