[day ten]

So, last night I joined some lovely ladies for Supper Club at the Birch & Barley on 14th Street.  The food coma that ensued meant I passed out before I posted the day’s photo, so here it is, a few hours late! I was playing with the manual focus last night, and I really liked this shot.  It sort of evokes the haze that is created when one enjoys a 16 oz. wheat beer with a lovely 8.6% alcohol content.  The good news is that my new friends were very tolerant of my camera being pulled out at each course while I awkwardly said, “I know we just met, but do you mind if I photograph your food?”  Well played.

And for those of you who might be wondering what I ate, here it is in all it’s glory – the Brat Burger.  I also snagged some of Carmela’s (yet to be introduced here) mac and cheese.  Yes.  It was as good as it looks.

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