[day three]

Gracie spent a good part of last night coughing, so I called it another sick day.  Fortunately, Grace appeared to be in pretty good shape, and the 65 degree day called us forth.  So in addition to cuddling, books, and a movie, we snuck downtown for some lunch outside.  And we managed to snap some cool pictures, too.

A shot of a one of my necklaces.  It caught my eye while I was drying my hair this morning.  This necklace is one of my favorites.

Grace, Nicole and I have embarked on a 100 book challenge.  Our goal is to read 100 books, and we are charting them as we go.  Today we hit 31!  This is a shot of one of the titles of Grace’s books – Reading Makes Your Feel Good.

When you luck out with a sunny 65 degree day in February, you shoot the beautiful church across the street.  My polarized filter really makes the blue sky pop.

I may not make it to Paris any time soon, but I can stop in at Paul and pretend that I’m there.

Grace is more than a little excited.

This one is by Seth.  Chocolate bliss!

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